Color-Changing Silhouette Light – Class Prep

c. Copy Libraries for Circuit Playground

  • Inside your project folder, create a subfolder called cpx-libs
  • From the CircuitPython library bundle you downloaded and unzipped previously, copy the following libraries (some will be single files, some will be entire folders with files inside them) from its lib/ folder into your cpx-libs folder:
    • Folders:
    • adafruit_ble
    • adafruit_ble_adafruit
    • adafruit_bluefruit_connect
    • adafruit_bus_device
    • adafruit_circuitplayground
    • adafruit_fancyled
    • adafruit_hid
    • adafuit_io
    • Files:
    • adafruit_lis3dh.mpy
    • adafruit_thermistor.mpy
    • neopixel.mpy
  • Having these standard libraries ready to copy onto your Circuit Playground will make starting new projects on your Circuit Playground quicker and easier

When you are finished downloading and copying, your project folder should look something like this: