Color-Changing Silhouette Light – Class Prep

3. Download Latest CircuitPython and Libraries

a. Download CircuitPython Firmware

  • Download the latest (stable) release of CircuitPython: go to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit download page at 
  • The version to download is 7.0.0 (as of 12/1/202)
  • Click the  button to download the file you will use to update your Circuit Playground.
  • Save the .uf2 file you just downloaded in the project folder you created above.

b. Download CircuitPython Libraries

  • Download the latest CircuitPython Library Bundle: go to the CircuitPython Libraries page at and scroll down to the “Bundles” section.
  • Look for the “Bundle for Version 7.x” download link (as of 12/1/2021)
  • Click the  button to download the library bundle .zip file, and save it in your project folder.
  • Check that the bundle’s “major” version number — the first number — matches the first number in the CircuitPython .uf2 file (e.g. 7 for CircuitPython version 7.0.0).
  • “Unzip” (uncompress) the library bundle into your project folder.