Color-Changing Silhouette Light – Class Prep

1. Gather Your Gear

a. Computer

You will need a computer (laptop) to use as your development system with at least one open USB port. A Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer can be used for this class. A Chromebook can be used, but limited support will be provided for its apps during class time (see Alternate Development Systems end notes).

b. USB Cable

You will also need a Micro-USB cable that has all data pins connected (not a charge-only cable). This can be a USB-A or USB-C to Micro-B cable, depending on which type of USB port (A or C) your computer has.

Adafruit USB A to Micro-B cable or similar recommended

c. Bluetooth (Wireless) Control

For Bluetooth control of your project, you will need Google Chrome installed on your bluetooth-enabled development laptop OR an iOS or Android mobile device (phone or tablet). More information is provided in the Prepare for Bluetooth Control step coming up.

d. Power Supply (optional)

If you want to try running your project unplugged from your computer once you’ve programmed it, bring a power adapter (like a phone charger) or a USB battery pack.

The Circuit Playground can also use a 3.5V to 6.5V DC battery with a JST PH type 2-pin connector. More information about using this type of battery will be provided during the class.